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Sometimes I wonder how much fun you can have with just a piece of rope and submissive girl. Tied girl should be undressed and taken to the torture chamber where you can do to her whatever you want! This is exactly what happens at Hardtied and I want you to show one of they galleries.

Slave's name is Sister Dee and she is a lifestyle submissive. What I like about this tied girl is that she has just a normal body. Dee is right-next-door woman and looks really attractive (not like that silicone - filled pornstarts). I know that a lot of my readers are looking for a slaves like this. Well, I hope you'll like Sister Dee bondage scene.

Tied girl is naked and sitting on a wooden chair. Exposed female is having her arms tied behind her head. This bondage pose reveals the beauty of the breasts. Aren't those lovely? Female legs are drawn sideways and restrained with two pieces of bondage rope. There is a ring gag put in tied girl mouth and a nose hook torture device is attached to her face.

Clair Adams acts as dominatrix in this episode and she is using a tiny vibrator sex toy to pleasure (and tease) exposed tied girl. Device is applies to every single part of slave's body, but mostly is it used for clitor stimulation. By looking at the face of tied girl you can say that she is currently near her first bondage orgasm, but mistress has another plan and denies Sister from cumming for now.

What can be more exiting for a helplessly tied girl than to be suspended and forced to come with a sex toy by a lesbian dominatrix. This is exactly what happens to naked slave in the following minutes. I'd recommend you to watch the uncut version of this video at Hardtied because still images do not reflect the passion of BDSM action. HD movie of entire episode is available instantly with the click ob the banner below. Just go there and enjoy the rest of the story. Have fun!

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