Tied girl in blue bikini. Story about captivated princess

High heels and stockings are the things every tied girl should wear, but let's be honest: bikini is another type of really sexy clothing every BDSM fan adores. Especially if there is a truly beautiful woman posing as a captured Persian princess. Would you like to take a look at a tied girl of that type? Jasmine is back and she is hotter than ever before!

Have you ever thought about this erotic fantasy where you are a powerful lord that captures beautiful princess during war? What can be more exciting than grabbing a pretty tied girl that is dressed in kinky eastern clothes, throwing her across the horse and taking to your palace? This sounds like an ultimate BDSM adventure! Just look how hot the tied girl is!

Persian princess capturedShackled tied girl
Perfect breasts of tied girlCaptivated and chained woman
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How would you like your captured beauty to be restrained? Ropes? Mummification? The tied girl on the pictures is all cuffed up and chained. Beautiful prisoner is being dragged to the bedroom where she has no option to do other than to wait for her captivator to come and take care of her.

Tied girl is having almost no clothes on, but this is the exact way we love them to be: aren't we? Only a small panties and really sexy bra are there to cover the nudity of a beautiful woman. The pair of her breasts is almost perfect and just imagine how pleasant it would be to play with those!

Look closer at the pictures and you'll see a couple of shackles put on each of girl's wrists and a nasty iron collar around her neck. Tied girl is leashed with a chain and, oh boy, she looks irresistible!

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