Tied girl Christina Carter abducted and put in the car trunk

Tied girl abducted in the trunkMILF slave bound with duct tape
Helpless MILF tied girl abductedNude tied girl in helpless bondage

There is million of tied girls pictures and thousands of BDSM storiesavailable in the Internet, but only a few of them are really exiting. Nobody loves ugly models or crappy bondage! Today I've got something special for you. I hope your cock will get hard on this story of naked MILF abduction. Enjoy tied girl Christina Carter!

Here she is - abducted, undressed and thrown in the car trunk. Tied girl looks amazing: she's got big breasts, sexy curvy body and attractive face. Abducted babe is tied up with a few pieces of duct tape. One is holding her hands behind the back, another put bonds on her ankles and the last one is used aa a gag. Do you like tape gagged females? I think it is very exiting when a slave kept silent with a piece of sticky tape!

You should definitely watch the movie of this scene, because Christina moves her body in a really sexy way! MILF tied girl tries to get rid of her bondage, rolls and twists in the trunk. Can you stand those big boobs of her shaking? I think breast bondage and a couple of nipple clamps would fit her tits perfectly!

This was just a small preview. The full version of this scene can be found at Christina Carter official website. Banner below will lead you directly to this sexy MILF lady personal BDSM playground. Enjoy her posing in sexy lingerie, tied nude and pleasured with toys. Have fun!

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