Petgirls fetish scene where sexy tied girl spends time hogtied

Today I am going to show you a really nasty tied girl. This is something special and I hope you'll like it!

You've probably heard about the petgirls fetish. It is a kind of kinky roleplay where female is undressed and acting as a household pet. Usually submissive women choose the role of dog and that is kinky because we all know that most of the girls are bitches deep inside! Being a petgirl means for a female to be collared and leashed, fed from a bowl, trained to respond on commands, examined by veterinary and many other sexy things.

Her name is Summer Cummings and she is one of the sexiest petgirls ever. It is a real pleasure to watch a bitch with big boobs like her, but today she is going to be turned into tied girl also!

Nasty petgirl put in steel cageMaster oils the petgirl before tying her up
Helpless tied girl ring gaggedKinky bells put on nipples of this tied girl

The episode starts with busty bitch kept inside the metal cage. Then she is released and oiled by her master. Two tiny bells are put on top of her each big tits. What a lovely picture: to see this sexy woman getting collared and walked on a leash. She is going on all fours like the dogs do her milkbags are swinging like the udder. This babe could to a perfect cowgirl too!

Today's scene ends up with sexy petgirl upsets her owner with bad behavior and the punishment for the tied girl would be to spend a few hours in hogtied pose. Having a ring gag in her mouth, oiled woman looks so sexy with all these rope bonds put around her breasts, wrists and ankles. Hogtied and absolutely helpless, tied girl is just looking for someone to come and set her free. But we aren't going to do that - right?

There are more sexy UK wives in training can be found at Bitch Slapped website. This busty babe has lots of girlfriends, who would like to to be treated like household bitches. Enjoy petgirls: the most perverted fetish ever! Check out those submissive sluts right now by clicking the banner above!

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