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Crucifixion is one of the classic ways to restrain a human. What can be more exciting than a sexy tied girl being helplessly exposed on a wooden cross? When picturing this in your mind you would probably start thinking about the dark ages and medieval tortures. I wonder how many beautiful witches were restrained this way in the past?

Today I want to show you a wonderful site Hardtied that is fully devoted to re-creating the most bizarre bondage and ties a human mind could come up with. Sexy tied girls are getting exposed with these kinky torture devices that have been widely used in the past centuries. Let me start by showing you a beautiful crucified girls tied.

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Beverly Hills is one of the hottest bondage models of present day. This lady looks natural and has that slutty submission look in her brown eyes. I'm a big fan of this tied girl and would like to share one of her hottest photo sets where she is nude and crucified.

The helpless woman is held in some kind of barn. Nice breast bondage is put around those natural tits and a lot of rope is put around girl's and neck. Helpless female is having her arms spread wide and tied with ropes. The girl looks pretty in this crucified position but this is just the beginning of her bondage torment. There is a lot of kinky and painful things have been done with her sexy body in the following couple of hours.

You may start enjoying the way tied girl was tortured by looking at the picture where there is a crotch rope would deeply in her pussy. I wonder what would happen next? You can find it out easily by visiting is the Hardtied website where the full version of these episodes is available. Enjoy more than 100 pictures and watch 50 minutes of high definition video where sexy tied girl is being bound, trained and tormented.

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A beautiful tied girl lying in your bed in the spread eagle bondage position is one of these erotic fantasies we all have. Imagine how cool it would be to pull up her nightwear and expose shaved pussy in pair of perfect tits! The cool thing about Internet is that you can find whatever you like: a pictures of perfect blonde bound in her bed for example.

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Her name is Jasmine and she is a lifestyle bondage fanatic. Being turned into helpless tied girl is a natural feeling for this amazing woman. Just like today when she found herself totally exposed in her own bed. It looks like an intruder broke up in her house during the night and used a few pieces of rope to put the lady into really sexy bondage pose.

Having her both hands and legs tied to bed corners and a cleave gag in her mouth this hot blonde is in really inescapable bondage. The more tied girl fights her restraints the sexier shoot looks. I just can't take my eyes of gagged girls shaved pussy, perfect belly, and amazing breasts. Everybody would love to find a tied girl like this in their bedrooms!

Jasmine Sinclair runs her own website where she has hundreds of bondage scenes like this one. Hot blonde shares the world with her passion to BDSM and bondage. Use banner below to know this tied girl a lot closer and join her in her bondage adventures. She adds a lot of new pictures and a movie to her website every week. You just one click of your mouse away from seeing her totally bound and exposed:

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Bondage that involves pretty tied girls is fine but it is much more exiting when there is a hardcore sex involved in the action. The Slaves in Love website is just abut this type of BDSM action and tells the stories about submissive girls happy to belong to their masters and allow those to do everything to themselves.

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I've put a few pictures in this post and there are more free sample images from this scene can be seen in preview gallery.

This is the story about a sexy girl with big breasts, who is totally in love with her BDSM master. Nothing makes this tied girl happier than being bound, tortured and fucked by her lover.

Today she is undressed and collared. Woman is wearing noting but a pair of high heel shoes and she looks fantastic! Tied girl got her nipples clamped between two bamboo sticks and her boobs are put in some kind of breast bondage.

Master clamps the pussy of tied girl with a couple of clothes pegs that is used as torture devices. Having her pussy lips opened, this slave looks even more helpless. Then master stick his cock deeply in slave's mouth. Submissive whore does the bondage blowjob while her tits and cunt are being whipped. Then, finally, cock slut receives her full mouth of hot cum which is she swallows happily. Would you like to have a slave like her?

Slaves in Love is full of BDSM stories just like this one. Tied girls are being dominated, tortured, humiliated and fucked in front of your eyes. Use banner below to see gorgeous women getting degraded to sex slaves by their lovers:

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It is true that a lot of surfers are sick and tired of seeing the same tied girls in the same chambers taking the same bondage poses. This is boring and a lot of people would like to see something a bit exiting and original. I am happy that has gathered a lot of creative people around and they are constantly coming up with fresh and kinky ideas for bondage scenes. For example: wound you like to see pretty tied girl taken to the woods in winter and left there nude and bound?

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Her name is Dia and she is doing a lot of BDSM modeling lately. But today she is going to have one of the most exiting bondage adventures in her life. Abducted from her bedroom, this blonde tied girl was taken deeply in the forest. Do I have to mention that it is winter out there and everything is covered with snow?

Girl tied in simple hogtied pose and put on the top of the huge stub. The pajama is being ripped off the helpless woman in matter of seconds and a couple of weight nipple clamps were attached to both of the tits. Abductor had some fun with the tied girl before leaving her alone in the cold winter forest. A couple dozens of painful electric discharges were thrown at that sexy body with a BDSM torture tool. I love these moments when electricity strikes woman's tits and she screams like crazy. Come down honey, none will hear you here! is full is bizarre bondage scenes like I've just described you. Pretty tied girls are being put in the most exiting and weird bondage adventures a human mind can ever come up with! Every scene is being shot on video, photographed and then uploaded to the site for you to enjoy. Use banner below to go there now and see everything with your own eyes:

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Tied girls and tit tortures are closely related. Can you imagine a pretty girl bound with ropes and standing naked in front of you? It is hard to resist the lust and to do painful things to her tits. Rick Savage does this almost on a daily basis while shooting it on video and taking pictures.

Here is one of his victims, who was stupid enough and let to tie her up. Now, when she is helpless and can't fight back, it is a perfect moment to torture her. At first Rick uses a bunch of clothes pegs and attaches them all round these nice tits.

The next thing to do to this lovely tied girl is top put her on a medical chair and sting a number of needles deeply in her soft tits. Ouch! What a bizarre and cruel punishment!

There is much filthier and kinky things were done to nude and exposed tied girl. There is even a nurse invited to take part along the BDSM action to do the most bizarre things. Rick Savage has everything already uploaded on his site so you can see it all right now! Click banner to start enjoying:

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Sometimes I wonder how much fun you can have with just a piece of rope and submissive girl. Tied girl should be undressed and taken to the torture chamber where you can do to her whatever you want! This is exactly what happens at Hardtied and I want you to show one of they galleries.

Slave's name is Sister Dee and she is a lifestyle submissive. What I like about this tied girl is that she has just a normal body. Dee is right-next-door woman and looks really attractive (not like that silicone - filled pornstarts). I know that a lot of my readers are looking for a slaves like this. Well, I hope you'll like Sister Dee bondage scene.

Tied girl is naked and sitting on a wooden chair. Exposed female is having her arms tied behind her head. This bondage pose reveals the beauty of the breasts. Aren't those lovely? Female legs are drawn sideways and restrained with two pieces of bondage rope. There is a ring gag put in tied girl mouth and a nose hook torture device is attached to her face.

Clair Adams acts as dominatrix in this episode and she is using a tiny vibrator sex toy to pleasure (and tease) exposed tied girl. Device is applies to every single part of slave's body, but mostly is it used for clitor stimulation. By looking at the face of tied girl you can say that she is currently near her first bondage orgasm, but mistress has another plan and denies Sister from cumming for now.

What can be more exiting for a helplessly tied girl than to be suspended and forced to come with a sex toy by a lesbian dominatrix. This is exactly what happens to naked slave in the following minutes. I'd recommend you to watch the uncut version of this video at Hardtied because still images do not reflect the passion of BDSM action. HD movie of entire episode is available instantly with the click ob the banner below. Just go there and enjoy the rest of the story. Have fun!

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A lot of BDSM fans prefer tied girl to be naked during the bondage scene. But these is another group of surfers who loves bondage ladies to be dressed. I was surprised wit this fact, but then I've discovered the Bondage Bob website and from now on I of one of them! Tied girls can be as sexy as naked ones when dressed properly!

Bondage Bob has a unique gift of finding really beautiful women and inducing them to pose in bondage. The best thing I like about this website is that all their tied girls are dressed really nice! Usually they are wearing satin blouses and short skirts. A lot of attention is paid to footwear. You'll see a lot of high heel shoes and sexy boots on these perfect models.

Bondage Bob prefers the Damsel in distress bondage niche so most of their tied girls are secretaries of housewives attacked and bound by intruders. Most of the pictures show beautiful gagged girls tied up and left alone to fight their inescapable bondage.

Let me show you the type of girls Bondage Bob using for their bondage episodes. With a beautiful face and body like her, this sexy babe could be a supermodel, but she was turned into tied girl and photographed for your viewing pleasure! How cool is that! There are much more ladies as perfect as this one waiting for you there. Just click the banner below to see them all instantly:

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