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Lifestyle painsluts are in need of something more than just becoming tied up in order for their lust to be satisfied. This is the moment where single-tailed whip becomes handy. BDSM rack and painful lashing is the combination that'll make tied woman happy!

Do you know why Whipped Women website is so special when it comes to tied up girls and painful corporal punishments? Well it is because they are only dealing with beautiful ladies ignoring fat and ugly women. Once there you'll only be enjoying leggy gals with the look of supermodels! They all are going to be undressed, tied up and whipped for your pleasure! Sounds great isn't it?

Girl is tied with ropes to a BDSM rackBDSM master is about to punish the bondage woman
Boobs are being hit with the whipLady is whipped by gentelman

Here is one of the slaves Whipped Women crew is currently taking care of. Tied girl is sitting on some sort of wooden BDSM rack with ropes holding her legs spread wide. Elegantly dressed gentleman is going around in circles, torturing bondage slave with painful lashes. Beautiful tied girl is having every inch of her sexy body whipped having additional attention being paid to the most sensual spots.

Closeup of whipped breastsWhip hits tied girl in between her legs
Extreme pain is making bondage woman to cryHrdcore lashing if the nude bondage slut

Look closely at the pictures to enjoy the way whip hits juicy body with a high speed. I am so sorry that pictures cannot deliver the sounds tied girl is making when her pussy and boobs are becoming hit again and again! But to need to worry because there is a full-length movie about this scene can be enjoyed instantly!

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The guy is about to fuck the nude girl he tied up with power cord

What to use in case you want to tie up a girl but neither rope nor handcuffs available? Be creative and use something from around: electric cable for example would do the job perfectly!

Just look at the helplessly bound girl on the pictures: she is tied up with electric wire and I bet there is now way for her to escape! Cruel guy is having his victim bent over a small workbench and restrained with the extension cord. Captive woman in having her massive boobs clamped with vices and there is a cleave gag is put in her mouth.

Tied with power cord and fuckedBondage slut is fucked in her pussy
Cleave gagged girl is tied to the workbenchUsing extension cord instead of bondage rope

It isn't love bondage or some softcore roleplay: all the described settings are making perfect sense! The guy is about to take advantage of the girl helplessness and is about to fuck her in bondage. But I am not going to tell you the entire story not to spoil the joy of watching it in full-size!

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Unusual bondage scene where girl is tied with thin string

Bondage is normally done with ropes or steel devices like handcuffs and chains. But how about going a bit crazy and tying girl up with a very thin string? I bet this is going to be unusual and look good at the very same time!

Poor Kylie is subjected to a series of painful bondage tortures in the Hardtied dungeon. Female dominatrix is using tickling and sex toys to take tied girl to her very limits. But there is one more bizarre bondage blonde slut is to be put into and I am talking about becoming tied with thin string.

This string bondageBondage rope makrs look very sexy
Sexual tease of tied up girlGirl is having her face boud with ropes

Just look at her: nude damsel is sitting on a chair all wrapped with thread and unable to make even the slightest move. Tied girl reminds me a fly captivated by a spider and bondaged with the web. Kinky huh? Slut is totally helpless and unable to protect herself from any kind of tortures. Would you like to prickle the girl with the sharpened stick in the most sensual spots of her body? Or, maybe there is something other (and more painful) on your mind?

You need flash to see this movie.

String bondage itself is very exciting but there is something to enjoy after the girl was released from her bonds. I am talking about kinky rope marks left all over her body. Don't you think those look sexy?

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Sexy manager is put in bondage and robbed

You might think that clothed bondage is less exciting than naked one but that isn't true. It's all getting different when fashion models are becoming tied up! James Bertoni manages to find the most elegantly dressed women around and puts them in bondage for your viewing pleasure!

Sexy dressed managerInterudes is going tied the blonde up
Sexy manager is ball tiedBondage slut is rolling on the floor

What I like about Models Tied website is its scenarios! Pictures and movies posted there are not just about tied girls: they telling stories! I've put a couple of photos in this post to give an idea of what Models Tied is about. Come closer and enjoy the damsel in distress storyline where casino manager gets in trouble and being robbed.

Elegantly dressed woman is entering her office talking on the phone and carrying a briefcase. She isn't suspecting anything bad to happen but there is an intruder waiting for her behind the curtain. It only took him a couple of minutes to put sexy blonde in bondage and runaway stealing the case full of money.

Unbuttoned blouseGirl is tied up by intruder and robbed
Tied girl is semi undressedRope tied fashin model

The guy could not resist the pleasure of unbuttoning tied girl's blouse before leaving. Helplessly bound and semi-undressed, poor woman is can't even call for help because her mouth is gagged with scarf. Nobody knows for how long she'd have to roll on the floor trying to escape her bonds and moaning silently. The only way for the woman to loose the ropes is someone entering the office and setting her free!

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MILF is having her eortic desires satisfied with bondage and sex

It is known fact that teens are horny but MILF ladies are sometimes go beyond the limit with their excessive lust. Simone Sonay, for example, is that kind of moms who need something more than just cock in her mouth to have her sexual hunger satisfied. Well, tied girl has found the right place to deal with that kind of problem!

Let me introduce you to the Sexually Broken website. By looking at its' name you can tell that it is the place where women are getting deprived of civil (as well as any other kind of) rights and becoming turned into worthless fuckdolls. Bondage plays one of the major roles in this process because nothing makes girl happier than being tied up and fucked in every hole of her body!

Bondage blowjob by handcuffed MILFRough BDSM sex with nude and tied girl
MILF gags herselfPainful nipple clamps torture for tied MILF

Submissive Simone does all the preparations: she gags and handcuffs herself. Master does all the pleasant things such as putting MILF on her knees, fucking her throat and then cutting her dress in pieces. Tied girl had lots of unpleasant minutes during the training: some of the bondage poses she was put into were really severe. Girl's face says it all when she does the splits and her nipples are clamped and attached to the floor! But don't worry! It is just a beginning and master has a few more ideas for tied girl humiliation! Wanna see them all?

Check out Sexually Broken website right now to enjoy this and couple of dozens of other bizarre episodes where merciless BDSM master gives women what they deserve. Tied girls aren't allowed to speak or wear clothes. To be put in use as worthless fuckdolls is their only destiny! Sexually Broken action is so intense that even experienced pornsats start crying like little sluts when put in bondage and trained with cock. Wanna see that happening? Click the banner above now!

Pain-loving wive enjoys being tortured and fucked in bondage by her hubby

Pain sluts require something more from their lovers than just sex and romance. BDSM punishments with a great deal of bondage humiliation and degrading training: those are the things needed for tied up girls to reach their orgasm. Let me show you an example.

Look at the slim blonde on the pictures: she is an ultimate definition of submissive woman. The girl is happy to be tied up by her lover, to be tortured and then fucked like a whore while different parts of her body are still in pain. Slaves in Love website takes us behind the closed doors of private bedrooms where this sort of women are receiving their bits of training.

Nude tied girl and her dominant husbandPainful sex with submissive wife in bondage
Bondage helps this wife to cum harderTied girl with needles in her ass and cock in her mouth

This slut is just can't wait for her torment to begin. She even built the torture rack by herself: pair of chairs does the job of holding her legs spread perfectly! The man isn't going to disappoint his woman: he teases tied girl sensitive tits with clamps and takes his time to whip her pussy severely.

There are much kinkier and bizarre things this guy did to his better half and you can enjoy them all in the full version of this episode (click the banner below to access it now). I'd like to move to the very final moments of this scene where tied girl is being bent over the chair and a cock is shoved into her throat. Look closer to the images and you'll see a bunch of clothes pegs attached all over girl's pussy and a whole lot of needles stabbed all over her ass. Nothing can help a whore like this to cum massively better than intense pain!

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Beautiful girl is tied to tree, undressed partially and exposed to freezeing cold

You would expect bedroom or, maybe, a BDSM chamber to be the place where beautiful blonde may be tied up in. But sometimes bondage scenarios go beyond the limits and today I would like to show you a few pictures of an extremely sexy MILF tied to tree in the middle of the winter!

Her name is Dannii Harwood and she is a keen fan of glamour bondage. Being dressed in sexy outfit and then tied up in bed are the things Dannii enjoys the most. A whole bunch of her tasteful bondage pictures can be accessed instantly at Bound Obsession website. But this time poor Dannii is got into real trouble: semi-undressed tied girl is left alone in the woods!

Girl is tied up in the woodsBondage girl is nude and exposed to freezing cold
I winder if this tied girl is going to be savedTied and gagged girl is taken to the winter cold

It is obvious that Miss Harwood became a victim of abduction. Sexy lady has been captured on the street, put in a van and taken away by force. Like any other damsel in distress, she is being robbed and lots of clothes were ripped down during the fight. But it is all over now: poor slut is now standing in the middle of the forest, ball gagged and bound to tree. Tied girl is having her coat unbuttoned and a pair of perfect big tits exposed to the freezing cold. There is now way for hot captive to escape her bonds: tight ropes are holding her wrists and ankles tightly. Ball gag in girl's mouth prevents the bondage slut from calling for help. I wonder if the damsel is going to be rescued or she'll end her life being freezed to death?

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