Beautiful girl is tied to tree, undressed partially and exposed to freezeing cold

You would expect bedroom or, maybe, a BDSM chamber to be the place where beautiful blonde may be tied up in. But sometimes bondage scenarios go beyond the limits and today I would like to show you a few pictures of an extremely sexy MILF tied to tree in the middle of the winter!

Her name is Dannii Harwood and she is a keen fan of glamour bondage. Being dressed in sexy outfit and then tied up in bed are the things Dannii enjoys the most. A whole bunch of her tasteful bondage pictures can be accessed instantly at Bound Obsession website. But this time poor Dannii is got into real trouble: semi-undressed tied girl is left alone in the woods!

Girl is tied up in the woodsBondage girl is nude and exposed to freezing cold
I winder if this tied girl is going to be savedTied and gagged girl is taken to the winter cold

It is obvious that Miss Harwood became a victim of abduction. Sexy lady has been captured on the street, put in a van and taken away by force. Like any other damsel in distress, she is being robbed and lots of clothes were ripped down during the fight. But it is all over now: poor slut is now standing in the middle of the forest, ball gagged and bound to tree. Tied girl is having her coat unbuttoned and a pair of perfect big tits exposed to the freezing cold. There is now way for hot captive to escape her bonds: tight ropes are holding her wrists and ankles tightly. Ball gag in girl's mouth prevents the bondage slut from calling for help. I wonder if the damsel is going to be rescued or she'll end her life being freezed to death?

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